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Let me introduce myself:

I am a creator and a thinker.

As a creator, I love to design, to compose, to paint, to write. I spend my time designing graphic images and websites. When I’m done with that, I do a little song writing on the guitar or sometimesI will even compose classical choral music. Some days I am a painter or a writer as well. I go where my imagination takes me.

But that’s where the thinker comes in. As a thinker, I am a lover of science and language. I am preparing to apply to medical school in several years with the ambition of becoming a pediatrician one day. I spend my time drawing organic chemistry reactions and studying the intricate ways that human cells works.

As a creator and a thinker, I love ideas. I want to learn about new ideas and dream about my own. Feel free to share your ideas and contact me about your project.